Friday, May 22, 2015

Sex. Drugs. Cell Phone Usage.

Adding internet to the phone is the best and the worst thing to happen to society and parents.

Raising teens is tough.  Dare I say a bit more than toddlers.  The great debate teens or toddlers!  I mean hands down in the diapering and potty training area I will deal with a mood swing any day of the week. Having said I have to deal with mood swings every day of the week? I mean their is tons that people do not tell you about giving birth or babies and their is less info about teens. Like for instance...You should start prepping for your child's teen-hood when they are 10. I've got 2 teens and I'm under 35. At this point it doesn't really matter how old I am or feel. I forget half the time and have to remind myself how old my daughter is then do the math. Then remind myself how young I was when I started having kids. It's a whole If You Give A Mouse a Cookie type thing. Which sometimes isn't good for the self esteem.

Having "The Talk" with my kids hasn't been something that is hard for me to do.  Awkward? Absolutely. Talking about Sexually Transmitted Diseased Penis isn't something I look forward to talking abut with my son's but it needs to be done. So boom I've got the sex talk thing down. Keep a continues open conversation. Check. Respect their thoughts. Check. Talk honestly. Check.
Same with the "Drug Talk".  This is something I take very seriously. For what ever reason mental health issues and drug abuse run in my gene pool. Not something I've proud of but we can't all be The Cleavers (if you don't know who I am talking about then I just aged myself and deserve to drive a Mini-Van as punishment). Talking about not only the dangers of street drugs BUT how prescription drugs can be just as dangerous. Mom is prescribed those antidepressants for a reason. Don't f**k that up kid. I would never say that...It's just implied.Wink.Wink. JK. JK.

By the time your 13 year old becomes 15 you think you've gotten most of it down. Sex talk. Check. Drug talk. Check. Personal Hygiene. Check. Cell phone...wait. WTF! 

Kids don't have journals they keep their inner most private details hidden in the depths of the cell phones that we the parents pay for then share it with the world through social media and hashtags. Then scrolling through your IG account you see that your teen takes selfies in the bathroom. Or worse in the middle of class. You can see the teacher blurred through editing and filters. Again I say-WTF! You've got to be freak'n Nancy Drew. Checking on their Twitter and Snapchat and IG which by the way all of that I have. You got to block sites like and ask your kid to please stop doing surprise selfies on you then posting them...That is defiantly not good for my self esteem.  Not only do you have your parenting and morals challenged by your family you've got stand up to Two Chanz and Drake. Well I appreciate Drake's love for BBW's like myself I've got to teach my son's to respect women. Where is the parenting book on Sex, Drugs, and Cell phone Usage? 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MAYnicures For Mental Health

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Did you you know:
1 in 5 children suffer from mental illness
That's 80,00 children in Bexar county alone.
Help spread Awareness and take away the stigma about Mental illness.

It's easy.
1. Pick 2 different nail polish colors. Paint one finger nail one color and the remaining four nails the other color to represent the one in five ratio of children with mental illness.  

2. Take a picture of your polished nails and post on social media 

3. Tag 1in5minds. on Facebook. @1in5minds on twitter. 
IG #1in5minds. #Maynicures

Can't wait to see everyone's Maynicures

Peace. Love. Education. Autism Acceptance Month.

One more day of April and Autism Awareness or Autism Acceptance or better-Autism Education. 
Of course those of us who are Parents of, Caregiver of, Educators of, or Autistic people it's just the way of life. So repair to see year round post about AU.

I hope N-Zilla's Tips and suggestion helped bring some education to the general neurotypical public.

Lets recap.
Suggestion from you freindly neighborhood N-Zilla and Mom (of course). 

Get involved, donate, volunteer on a local level. Find organizations that give back to your community.

Here is a list of some local organization her in San Antonio and Bexar County that help Autistic families and families with other special needs. 

Any Baby Can SA
Autism Community Network
Brighton Of San Antonio
Kenetic Kids of San Antonio
Click on link below to get more info on these organizations.


Lets talk about stimming.
Fun fact found at 

-Many Autisic Children have not stims and about 10% of yong children witouth Autism stim.

Some benifites of stimming:

  • Increased ability to remain calm
  • Reduced meltdowns
  • Increased tolerance of challenging sensory situations
  • Increased focus, attention span, and task management abilities
Some examples of stimming:

  • flapping hands. Blinking or moving fingers in front of eyes. 
  • making vocal sounds. snapping fingers
  • scratching; rubbing the skin with one's hand or other object
  • rocking front and back or side to side. Moving in a rhythmic motion.
  • licking body parts or an object. (their was  a point when N-Zilla licked tree's and Crazy Horse bite her hair)
  • smelling objects, hands, or other people
Stim On!
*Stimming is not to be confused with self-harm. In the case of self-harm find a replacement behavior that is safe and healthy. Please speak with your doctor or in the case of a child your child's pediatrician. 

For more on Stimming from N-Zilla and mom click the link below.

Girls and Autism!

We need to change the way we diagnose females. Males and females are biologically different and signs and symptoms in the two (while some might be similar) are different. Autism does differ by gender. We need to talk about this more. Females are more often misdiagnosed and less likely to get early intervention. Please visit and Autistic Women's Collective FB page and follow @AutisticWC on twitter. 

Click on the link below to get more links on Women and Autism.

Children and Adults on the spectrum do not lack the ability to have empathy. Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing how to communicate or show emotion.

  • Cognitive empathy- The ability to predict others thoughts and intentions including the ability to read between the lines during communication.
  • Affective Empaty- The ability to share another persons feelings with them.
  • Compassionate Empathy- the desire to help others. 
Click on the link below to learn more about Empathy and people on the spectrum and personal story about N-Zilla's mom.

Hope I was able to scratch the surface and spread some Awareness, Acceptance, and most of all knowledge.
Peace, Love, and Education from your Friendly Neighborhood N-Zilla and his mom. 

N-Zilla and Sister at this years Any Baby Can's Walk for Autism. Go Team N-Zilla!