Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's Summer With Out a Little Mud?

It seems that summer gets messy for me.   Emotionally messy.  This summer seems to be no exception.  (I should have seen this coming...the visit from my mother could have been an omen to how this summer was gonna be).  However, there is so much good in my life. So what's my summer without a little mud?  I've been blessed with anxiety to handle situations like this.  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

No winner in Love and Chocolate Milk

I am cranky because the kids are always-for lack of a better term-up my ass.  My husband is cranky because the kids by pass him and always ask me for chocolate milk.

This is a pointless argument.  Their is no winner.  Unless you consider having a moments peace to poop and use the excuse that you have to clean the garage...then diffidently I am not the winner.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Project #158. Book Shelf. Gallery Wall

Fueled by my restlessness and Pinterst. Help from my hubby and encouragement from the Bestie...I give you the mini library/gallery wall.

First I Searched Pinterst for book shelf/ play room.  Looked through  many pins. I eventually got distracted by Ryan Gosling memes. Hey girl. 
One random Thursday evening I decided that I couldn't take it anymore.  Sketch out a plan in my head.  Drove to my local Home Depot.  I purchased an inexpensive rain gutter for $5.23.   (P.S  the sides to the gutters are $6.  I haven't gotten them yet.  I got nervous when the sales associate asked me if I needed help.  Nope.  Just  this rain gutter 3x my height.  Good day sir.   
Second thing was to measure and cut.  I'll be honest...this was a pain in the ass.  With one uncut gutter from the store I was able to measured two 40inch pieces and had enough for three 12 inch pieces (give or take a few centimeters).   I cut one piece.  It wasn't for me.  I'm not good at it.  My husband is.  He helped with the rest.
Third.  Time to screw it in.  This part was also a pain butt I was able to do two.  You can use anchor with screws or just screw.  Depending how heavy the books are gonna be. Place a screw on both sides and in the center.  

Fourth the gallery wall!  Most of the faboulous art work are pieces that I already had.  Like Bigger Horse on the top left by Zen Rosas.  I've saved my most favorite are work from my oldest children and the younger ones are adding to the collection.  I purchased wooden frames from Micheals for $1.00 and a scrap booking paper for 50 cents.  The fancy black and white pattern was a gift bag from my birthday present.  Some frames that I already had.  I also added something special from all my kiddos.  A few blankets.  A few books and their you go.  It has made the "kid living room"  so much more inviting.  Kids are enjoying the room more and I am 1 step closer to completing my house together. Peace!

*These pictures were not the original pictures on this original post.  I deleted some pics from my G+ cloud and it deleted pic on every forum.  Now I now.