Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Autism Acceptance

Friends and Family April is Autism Acceptance Month and April 2nd is Autism Acceptance/awareness  day. Tomorrow wear blue, red, pink, green any color to show support! Share your pictures FB IG Twitter etc #autismacceptance. All month long join activities throughout your neighborhood in support  of Autism Awareness and more importly AUTISM ACCEPTANCE. Learn more and search website like or 
Donate your time or money to an organization that goes back into helping and educating families on the spectrum. Educate yourself. Educate others.

Peace. Love. Educate. Awareness. ACCEPTANCE.

(P.S family and friends when you post pics in honor Autism Acceptance Day in addition to #autismacceptance don't forget your friendly neighborhood to #nzilla)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Won't somebody think of the Teenagers?

It's been mentioned a time or two especially when Son #1 was  12 and 13 that teenagers are a pain in my ass.  My anxiety level rose to great heights turning the first sign of the teenage years and don't get me started about the tween years. I seriously would play the Would You Rather game with myself over a nice glass of wine.

Would you rather deal a potty training toddler or deal with a teenagers mood swings. Both girl and boy teenage MOOD SWINGS?
Would you rather put together a 5th birthday party for a sensory sensitive kid with food allergies or tell your tween daughter why she can't dye her hair like Rainbow Dash...yet? Their about even stevens for me.
Would you rather watch Thomas the train for hours on end or monitor you teens Instagram account and figure out if they are on

I'm kinda in a weird parenting stage because I have two kids that will soon be 5 and 6 y/o and I have two that are 13 and 14 1/2 y/o.  I'm still the mommy of littles and a mom to biggens.

...And then I had a Epiphany!  My diaper changing days are over! As of October 2013 I was done with that sh**.  I get to enjoy my children.  I don't have to sit and watch Thomas the Train anymore unless I have to cause you know...N-Zilla. Last month my ahem teenage (not a tween anymore) daughter and I laid in bed eating popcorn and binge watched New Girl.  My teenage son re-introduced me to Kenya and The Beatles.  I know right?! I had forgotten that I liked them. Plus I am enjoying the conversations that I am having with my older kids.  I'm finding the same awe and pride in our conversation just like I did when they where learning how to walk, talk, and ask questions beyond their comprehension. Admittedly it can get awkward watching Jimmy Fallon with your teenage son when the Jog Strap skit is on, or trying to rap to any Drake song. Yeah, it's weird.

I'm not saying parenting teens doesn't come without it's trials and tribulations. Especially when you were a teen parent.
 It does but I am happy to be in this stage of parenting. I'm enjoying watching my teens turn into the adults they are to become and napping when they ignore me for Instagram. I'm totally fine with that. Seriously my nap quota went up and that has been better then any push-bra I've ever had.