Saturday, March 22, 2014

I've got the bug

Moving houses under a dead line is the pits all in its self...but add menses one week then a stomach bug the next is the is the worst.  

Friday night I was hugging the toilet while N-Zilla and Talulah were hugging me. Let me tell you you its a strange feeling when your 4 year old is holding your hair and your 5 year old is patting your back saying you'll feel better soon.

Then on Saturday this happened...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

FYI I had a good week.

FYI...My week was great!

Sure I had the same stresses and mid week melt downs.  I went to work at least one day with out make-up and I'm pretty sure I only cooked once this past week, but in the words of the most annoying song "Everything is AWESOME"!

I had an ARD this past Wednesday...and for those of you who don't know what that means-Admission Renewal, and Dismal.  While I feel nauseated at the mention of ARDs I had a very positive ARD this time around.  For once in a very long time I felt that we ALL had N-Zilla's best interest in mind.  We started a REED-Review of Existing Evaluation Data.  N-Zilla had a re-eval with speech and qualified.  It's very bitter sweet.  You know what the facts are, but Sunday through Sunday your kid is just your kid not Autistic or delayed or anything.  Just your kid.  So when you hear yada yada yada...I guess it brings you back to business.

Anyways...I rewarded myself  on Saturday by wearing tons of make-up, no hills, and no spanx...that's right ladies I let it all hang out.  I had my Rum and Coke and I danced to Queen Bey.  I got my SurfBoarT on.  Yes. That's a (T).
To our queen Bey
Here is to another week.  May I have as much confidence and clarity as last week.  30on!