Sunday, February 15, 2015

Missing parts of Me. Chapter 3

  ...Here I was, two son's back home eating spaghetti and playing way to much Minecraft, a daughter sitting in the car hating me, and my youngest climbing rocks with  me in the Canyons. I wanted them all to be with me. I was in God's country. I could feel his breath on my face. I wanted to stay in the middle of the canyon forever. I felt whole with missing parts of me...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Procrastination and Reslolutions

Well...a month  into the new year.  Let's just assume that after all these years I've made peace with my procrastination. I think.

Did I make resolutions for the new year? I'm sure I be honest I could not wait for 2014 to be over with.  I wanted that door shut and another one opened.  Plus, like any other mediocre Catholic I save my resolutions for Lent so I've got a window of time.  
Some big changes in 2015 thus far.  For starters the hubs and I have decided that we (I) should cut back on (me) working so that we (I) can be more accessible for our children (N-Zilla).  When the conversation came up we (I) did not not have one valid argument why this shouldn't happen besides that we (I) might fall into a depression being a more of a Stay at Home Parent (mom).  
Overall we made the right decision as much as we (I) hate to admit it. 

Besides Janice in the front office was a bitch.

Now I work about 2 days a week-more if wanted or needed. I can already see the positive difference in the kiddo's and for me it's worth it.
So I'll take the bouts of depression as they come. Upside maybe I'll be more creative and I get to take more walks with my Talulah.  

Big changes for any of you so early in the New Year? How about transitioning from work back to home?  How did you handle it and what worked best for you? Is Janice a bitch at your work too?

Let me know and leave a comment.

*Janice is a fake name for a real person.  No Receptionist were hurt in the making of this post.


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